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When Strangers Marry - Lisa Kleypas First Kleypas book I read. I liked it although it wasn't her best work but still good read. The title and excerpt are what got me to read it. The characters were really interesting and I thought the set up and time setting was great. The tone was much darker but that was a plus for me. It made the book more realistic and raw. Max and Lysette are quite different from the typical hero and heroines. The huge age difference for one and how they meet each other for another but that is what makes the story intriguing. I just feel the story lost steam near the middle and dragged out for no reason till the end. The shifted focus from Lysette becoming Max's bride to Max's family problems is what lost my interest somewhat. While I think the twins were great characters I felt the book needed to focus more on the married couple, Lysette became background filler toward the end of the book and it was disappointing. The real angst and 'conflict' for the couple was in the beginning and was quickly resolved before reaching the middle which made the rest of the story somewhat anticlimactic.

This would have been a 3 star but I gave it 4 simply because LK handled the characters & time setting so well. While dull at times she still managed to make the story interesting enough to read and enjoy.