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Night - Marion Wiesel, Elie Wiesel The most profound bone-chilling book I think I've ever read. I read this in High School during when I didn't have much patience or care for reading but this book stayed with me. Gave me pause and made me think so much more about life and how cruel human existence and ignorance and just plain hate can be. I wish more people would read books like this----THIS book in particular--especially now. Makes you open your eyes. For those who didn't like it or just didn't relate to it it's fine but it's safe to point out how this was told by a survivor himself, HIS point of view, his memories, his absolute nightmares and for that I will forever remember this book and respect Elie Wiesel so much more. I thank him for sharing his life with thousandths of strangers who have no idea or concept of what living hell can really be like.