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The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter Fourth book in the Underworld series. This is Sabin's book, keeper of Doubt. Didn't know what to make of this, wasn't as anxious to read this one as I was the previous books. Probably cause of my interest with Buda Lords over the Greece Lords. *shrugs*

I came to really like Sabin in this. He's the leader of the Greece Underworld Lords. Always puts the war against the Hunters first. Fighting the enemy and protecting his friends is his number one priority. He makes no apology for it. Then comes Gwen, a Harpy who was captured by Hunters to examine and torture. Sabin saves her and things go from there...

I wasn't as captured with this book as I was with the others. It was okay for me. I just felt it was missing something and the story seemed to lag out at some points where I was really tempted to skim through it. Never a good sign for me. lol But nevertheless, I liked them. Loved how Sabin was around her his first reaction the very first time he saw her. They made a really sweet couple.

And I got to say that the shower scene? Hottest. thing. ever. Very steamy and so sexy. The stuff he would say to her....good. lord. Gena really knows how to write steamy sex scenes when she wants to. :P

I liked Gwen, she was the contradictory combination of innocence and viciousness. I wasn't a big fan of the whole Harpy thing, her over-protective brutal sisters in particular. Harpies are blood thirsty creatures who take revenge on those who wrong them. Not my thing.

I also felt some of the dialogue got to be repetitive and so redundant. Gwen is given the nickname Gwendolyn the timid because she was always afraid to give in to her Harpy side, fear of who she would kill or hurt. She's very strong and lethal when she goes in full-harpy mode. I liked her contradictions and her kind heart always wanting to see the good in people but the constant comparison of her with her sisters got to be too redundant. She kept thinking herself a coward, and wanting to beg for their forgiveness and being ashamed for being captured and how she's never as strong and fierce as her older sisters. I understood where her insecurities were coming from given her race and rules set for them but it tiring to be reminded every other page how cowardly she is and how ashamed she should feel. Gah. It was heaped on way too much.

And I sometimes wished the story focused less on battle and fight scenes and more on Sabin and Gwen together. But considering that's part of who they both are it's understandable. I really liked the side stories of the other warriors made me even more curious and intrigued to see who Showalter would pair with who. Torin in particular. I hope he gets a book too. Just like Paris, he breaks my heart.