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The Burning - Susan Squires This is the second book I read of Squires, I didn't read the books in order but given the high expectations I had from the previous book I read (One with the Shadows) this one was a huge let down for me. Not at all what I expected to get. I felt Squires was focusing too much on the flashbacks and memories Stephen had of the torture he endured by the three Vampires which got to be too much at times. I mean I don't mind it but to a certain point--- and if it's necessary, which I didn't think it was at times. I was expecting some of the graphic scenes given the genre and the author's style of writing and tone but this was extreme and too much. Some parts I felt were OTT and really pushing it and kind of convoluted. Some of the torture scenes in particular were just ridiculous to me and were dragged out way too long. I felt Squires spent more time on those scenes then other parts of the book which really threw me off. I wish the story focused more on Stephen and the love he found. That's what I was expecting to get after reading the small description on the back of the book. But more than half the book I would say was more focused on Stephen's tortured soul and what he went through with those female vampires. The writing is great but this particular story I wasn't fond of.