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A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James This was a very nice surprise. I really loved this book. Eloisa James put a nice clever twist to the Cinderella fairy tale. Very fun witty read. I was expecting to get a lot of the expected cliches from the original story packed in there and there wasn't which was a nice surprise. You have a careless heartless stepmother, a stepsister who isn't evil, the glass slipper, a dashing prince, the 'rats' and a colorful hilarious g-dmother. What I really loved was how Kate and Gabriel met and started off not very fond of each other, it breaks away from the expected 'love at first sight' cliche and makes the story so much more interesting. Kate isn't your typical princess or lady which I adored. I started the book with no high expectations and was pleasantly surprised with how entertaining, funny and passionate the story was. Gabriel and Kate really broke my heart. I was not expecting such angst between the two. That's something you don't expect or get from the traditional story which is what made me love the book even more. Their love story really grabs you at the heart and I couldn't put the book down because of it. This is one of my favs of Eloisa's books. I'm looking forward to her other fairy tale inspired books set to come out!!!