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The Vampire Who Loved Me - Teresa Medeiros Goodness gracious these two were so loveable and sweet. *swoons* I was dying to read this and it did not disappoint. Julian is just delicious as a dark brooding heartbroken vampire. Very dashing charming witty lovable hero. I fell in love with him in the previous book. And of course he made me swoon in this. And Portia is so adorable. Witty sassy charming with an innocence that's really endearing. Great couple their love story is very passionate forlorn and heartbreaking. An amazing fun suspenseful read. The dramatic conclusion did not disappoint. You never know what to expect with Medeiros. Of course you expect a happy ending but the way she goes about it in her books really grabs your attention and your heart, always full of surprises. Forgive me for the cliche saying but it's true, I was at the edge of my seat while reading this. Loved it!