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Sizzling - Susan Mallery Really fun playful read. Second book I've read of her's and I loved it which surprised me. Thought it was better then the previous book in this series. Loved the main characters Reid and Lori. Reid was just adorable and fun to read about. The sexual tension and chemistry between them is enthralling. How they try so hard to fight it off with the whitty sarcastic banters/arguments is what makes it so fun. I loved how raw their relationship was, how real and intense it becomes and how Reid changes through it all. I thought Lori was a perfect match for him. For a contemporary piece I was really surprised with how intense it got and heartbreaking. The loss near the end totally caught me off guard and brought me to tears which was frustrating cause I was so not expecting it. Books don't usually bring me to tears and Mallery totally did in this. lol Great book!