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Say You Love Me (Malory, No. 5) - Johanna Lindsey I would have given this a higher rating if the author delved deeper into the story or at least the main characters. I don't know it was very in-between for me personally. I liked the story but I felt it was missing something. I was interested in the characters but felt they weren't completely fleshed out which was a bummer cause it could have made for a better story and better characters. All the elements were there I just think the author's writing style didn't do it justice. The dialogue itself left me wanting way more.

I'm not sure her style of writing is my cup of tea. I found myself really irritated with the author's tendency to gloss over important parts of conversations. I was so very tempted to shout out like a crazy person 'give me more!' a few times. lol Instead of actual dialogue I kept getting short summaries of what happened which was frustrating. It's not my style. I wanted more. I mean especially to have a climactic moment summarized in one sentence like it was a funny little anecdote just fizzled for me. Plus it made the pacing really weird and come off awkward at times. I wanted to actually see the hero propose to the heroine and not have it summarized in one line like it was no big deal. It just came off flat and very anticlimactic. This is the first book I've read of Lindsey's and I wasn't blown away but I keep getting recommendations to read her books. Her books get such high ratings it makes me want to give her another shot but I'm hesitant. Her writing style left a lot to be desired for me personally.

ETA: Can't even give this a 3 star cause there was a lot missing to this book. Character and plot-wise. Just blah.