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Highland Outlaw - Monica McCarty Great read! So much yumminess. :P Loved everything about this book. Once again McCarty really knows how to write Highlander novels with enough punch to grab you and pull you in.

This is the second book in the Campbell Trilogy series. The story is focused on Elizabeth Campbell, Jamie Campbell's sister. She's been through 3 broken engagements and longs to find someone she can love and marry and help her clan prosper. Enter Patrick McGregor, a fierce Highland warrior and chief to a broken landless outlawed clan the McGregors, the Campbells' sworn enemy. He insinuates himself directly into Elizabeth's path and tries to 'seduce' her and get her to marry him so he can win back his land that was wrongfully stolen years ago from him and his family by the Campbells. If only it were that simple...

One thing I will say is that at times I felt the plot and dialogue were a little too familiar and similar to her other books but the characters and love story in this managed to suck me in no matter. Obviously I'm a big angst fan and McCarty really knows how to pull at your heart strings with the forbidden-love 'star crossed lovers' equation. I just can't quit on her work. I loved the hero Patrick so much. I wanted to give him a hug and have him carry me into one of his cave dwellings and warm me up. ;) Heh. He was just SO yummy and scrumptious and adorable. He made me root for him from the very beginning. He struggles so much to do the right thing and no matter how dire or volatile the situation ended up being he still did the honorable selfless thing. I adored him so much for it. He broke my heart with everything he went through and was trying to overcome and all the responsibility put on his shoulders. And yet he put a smile on my face with how he fell so quickly and sweetly in love with Elizabeth. Sorry my inner-hopeless-romantic-girl swooned at the love story in this. And what a love story. Usually McCarty's heroes fight real hard, like tooth-and-nail hard against naming emotions and realizing their love for the heroine until the very end but Patrick was a very pleasant surprise. Yes like any stubborn prideful man it took him a while but once he realized it he didn't hesitate to tell her how he felt about her and tried to actually prove to her his love for her. He was very open with showing his affection and 'claiming' his territory which was rather refreshing and sexy. as. hell. lol To me that's the sexiest thing in a male character. Not being afraid to show or voice how you feel to the woman you love. *thud*

Throughout the book, you can tell how hard Patrick tries to protect her and do the right thing and how it tore him apart to lie to her or hurt her in any way. I loved Lizzie as well, her bravery, kindness, sweet warm nature with that firey side that comes out. I really felt I could relate to her as a heroine, her fears and insecurities are what made her so vulnerable and just endearing all around. Whenever she's upset, angry or stressed she stammers uncontrollably and you see her struggle and fight to over come that. Patrick helps in many ways to restore her confidence and self-worth. I just wished at times there was wasn't the constant back and forth 'does he? or doesn't he?' dance between the two and Lizzie constantly falling back into that self-doubt mode on Patrick's feelings for her and what was genuine and what wasn't. I understood her hesitation and doubt but at times it got a little redundant and tiring and made me want to go 'really??? didn't we just go through this already?' lol.

Nevertheless, great book. Loved it from beginning to end. I kind of wish McCarty did epilogues for her stories. I'm dying to know how these lovelies are doing AFTER the 'happily ever after'. Come on they deserve it after the constant hair-pulling angst and longing to be together.:P