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Highland Savage - Hannah Howell Wasn't so crazy about this book. I was really tempted to skip parts cause it just got soooo redundant and dragged out. It was hard to finish. I felt the same conversations were brought up over and over and it took forever to draw to a conclusion. I felt the back drop of the story was kind of convoluted and the hero and heroines 'misunderstanding' of each other just got to be really tiring and idiotic. The author managed to make both of them come off so oblivious and stupid at parts by dragging out the story which was completely unnecessary. And don't even get me started on the 'evil' stepsister and her ridiculous lover and mother. The dumbest most contrived villains I think I've ever read about. Made me cringe at how campy it was. I think Howell's previous book in this series was way better. Plus I forgot how tiring and tedious it was to follow Scottish dialect. Too much cannea dannea ye ken for me. It made it slower to read cause it's not as easy to follow along and I felt like there were some major grammar issues. I'm surprised considering the high ratings this has received I can't think of one part of the book that even grabbed me cause the whole thing was just blah. Actually yes there is, the ending where it skips ahead a year and we see the brothers reuniting. I thought that was 'best' part of the entire book.