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The Taste of Innocence - Stephanie Laurens For a historical romance book this was quite painful to read and even harder to finish. I could have finished this within 3 days but it took a week and half to finish simply cause it was so so so very boring. I tried really hard to get into it but I couldn't. There was no conflict and pretty much no story. The plot was dragged out painfully slow, conversations and summaries would go on for pages endlessly and even the love scenes were tedious as ever. The love scenes in particular read more like how-to manuals then an actual love scene, it was almost robotic which was bizarre. It was as if the author couldn't decide how to tie it up so she kept going on and on for pages describing every. single. action. And no not the good kind either. Very painful to get through. I don't think I could really call it 'love scenes' cause it was so lifeless and drawn out and oh yes! redundant. It's even more depressing where you pretty much get the same love scene played out word for word more than once. Come on! No imagination or creativity whatsoever. There was more description then there was dialogue which I'm not a fan of. Very boring stale book.