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Dark Prince  - Christine Feehan So yeah. This unfortunately goes under DNF list for me. I tried but couldn't get into it. It's going back to the library unfinished and that bums me out. I always try to give stories that I'm not crazy about the benefit of the doubt and read through the whole thing before rating it. But here it didn't happen for a few reasons.

The overall writing for me is what I struggled with. I had a lot of issues with it from the very first chapter. The storyline and characters were extremely underdeveloped. It read like fan fiction which was really bizarre. The writing was just all over the place. The lack of attention to overall setting, complete disregard to descriptive detail and confusing dialogue were littered through out the story and very distracting. I couldn't even get into the story because of this. The characters and even setting of the story weren't fully fleshed out. It's as if the author didn't even bother with world-building or even character building for that matter. Raven and Mikhail did not stand out and came off rather one dimensional and sometimes a little cartoonish. I honestly was amazed how a story with so much rich potential was handled so loosely and sloppy. I hate saying this because I don't want to be disrespectful to the author but this just screamed lazy writing and poor editing. I'm disappointed to say the least because I've heard so much about this author and her paranormal series, if this is her style of writing then I'm shocked. The pacing of the story and dialogue did not flow well. There really wasn’t much attention paid to descriptive detail, to time, story setting, character’s interactions with other characters and their environment. I mean I was even confused during the sex scenes, trying to figure out whether they were standing UP or lying down for crying out loud. HUGE pet peeve of mine. Ack. When you aren’t really sure what is going on during intimate moments like that then we’ve got a problem. I was just amazed at the complete disregard to the characters' surroundings and interaction with their surroundings and one another. A huge chunk of that was missing in here. It’s just felt really sloppy and careless to me to leave out details that are pivotal to setting up the scene and making it as vivid as possible.

And don’t get me started on the ‘You are my life, my lifemate for now and ever’ continuous speeches the poor hero had to state and reiterate through this. The dialogue left a lot to be desired as well and had a lot of cringe factor moments for me. The redundancy for one and abrupt jumping from POVs for another. You have fragmented conversations where POVs shift within the same paragraph and you’re not sure who is ‘speaking’ and who is thinking. And there is no transition between scenes that happen within one chapter, which is another thing that drove me up the wall. You have the hero go from his gargantuan sprawl of a castle to reappearing in the small village within a few sentences which made absolutely no sense and was rather confusing. Now I get he has super duper special powers (which I’m still a little unclear on what exactly Mikhail is) where he can dematerialize, transform into mist or animal and get to places faster. Still...I want to actually SEE how he gets from one place to another, SHOW ME how he gets from point a to point b. A whole lot of telling, and zero showing in this case. It’s not that difficult to draw the picture with words. None of that exists in this book where we pretty much have to fill in the gaps and read between the lines to guess what happens. Yeah... doesn't work for me. Mikhail just pops up left and right willy nilly. The author has to give readers cues, help us out by describing the sights, sounds, and the environment the characters interact with, we should be experiencing what they are. There was a total disconnect here. I seriously lost count how many times I got confused of what is actually happening in a scene because of the sloppy haphazard rough writing style. It felt incredibly disjointed and so unrealistic. I LOVE paranormal romance but this read like fan fiction with the corny dialogue and way over-the-top flowery prose. it just felt so out of place.

As for Raven, as much as I wanted to like her she just bugged me. Her wishy washy ‘I trust you, but I’m afraid of you’ “I want to be with you, there is only YOU….I don’t even know you’ thought process really confused me. And her haughty holier-than-thou reprimanding speeches were eye-roll inducing and did not endear me to her. I guess the author wanted to make these two tormented and angst-riddled star crossed lovers type of couple but instead they came off as confused redundant messes. We keep have to sit through redundant tedious repetitive dialogue with back and forth conversations that go in circles. I swear I lost count how many times these two talked in circles and kept revisiting the same subject like it was something new. I just didn’t understand it. You want to make her your lifemate yet…you don’t. You don’t want to bind her to you…but you do? You trust him with your body, but not your life or your future. -__- Lots of inconsistencies and repetitive backpeddling dialogue that did nothing for the story.

I stopped 130 pages in and STILL left wondering exactly what Mikhail is. The set up and introduction for him was poor and left really unclear. I thought at first the author was intentionally trying to be vague with what he is and his background and planned to reveal it slowly but as the story continued I didn't get a full understanding of what he is exactly. He's clearly not human, but can shape shift into different animals, form into mist but it was strongly hinted at several times that he was a vampire but then it was stated a few times how 'his race' was not allowed to turn one of their own into a vampire. Um....what?? Made no sense for me. And the last time I checked vampires can't shape shift soo yeah. :/