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The Making of a Gentleman - Shana Galen Can't really say I 'read' the whole thing considering I skimmed 80% of it. The story and the characters just didn't grab me. It was dull for me. The plot was there I read the description on the back of the book and was interested I liked the set up for it but it just quickly lost me. Characters weren't fully developed and I felt the villian, Felicity's fiance was a bit contrived to me. The whole aspect of Armand being locked up for 12 years and struggling to adapt to the real world I felt wasn't pushed far enough. I wanted to see more of him learning and struggling rather than him thinking of ways to bed Felicity. That made the whole story superficial for me and lacking. Plus I felt some of the dialogue was tedious with Felicity constantly asking question after question in her head it was like 'I get it! you aren't sure'. All the rambling continuous questions was a bit much and managed to make the dialogue repetitive and redundant.