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Highland Warrior - Monica McCarty Another one I loved from McCarty. Highland stories tend to sometimes go on the cheesy side for me and she is one of the few who's impressed me with her writing skills and storytelling. Jamie Campbell is just amazing all over. I adored him. What a sexy hero. I was expecting to not like him but he surprised me with the way he openly and very passionately loved Caitrina. Lord he made me swoon. It sounds over the top but really it was sexy as hell. Great love story. Again great drama and major major angst.

The only thing that was a negative for me and drove me nuts was the heroine Caitrina. She was a diffcult character to love, like, even understand at times. Now at the end I ended up liking her but it took a while to get there. lol I know for many that's big negative and for me it usually is but in this case I was willing to make an exception. Caitrina really tested my patience at times. There were several times where she fell into the 'obnoxious pretentious spoiled heroine' category for me. I wasn't a big fan of hers at the beginning of the book, she came off cossetted, spoiled, hot tempered and extremely naive but she started to slowly change, grow up and prove herself and learn so much which I really loved but those flaws of hers kept resurfacing. And many times I felt she was undeserving of Jaime. Seriously I would take him in a heart beat with no reservations. :P

Caitrina's fierce loyalty to her family and clan I could understand but her obliviousness and naivete to what was going on around her was too much. The number of times she questioned her faith in Jamie and kept testing him was the only negative for me in this book because given the events, it was unreasonable of her to do. I especially didn't like how she would use his affections for her to manipulate the situation to get what she wanted or kept throwing ultimatums at him for no reason when he'd proven countless times that she could trust him. That was cringe-worthy and just unbearable to read about. Jaime deserved better and more from her then her continuous tests and manipulative games. Her continuous lack of faith in him in my opinion was unnecessary and made it hard to sympathize with her at times. I know for some that may be a turn off and for me it was as well believe me I wanted to slap the woman I few times but the over all story/plot, character growth and progression and yummy hero made up for it. lol Both Caitrina and Jamie go through a lot in this book, a long journey that really sucks you in--it did for me and makes you better understand them as characters and WANT to root for them as a couple. That's what made this a 5 star. Great plot, great story telling and amazing character transformation and growth. Jamie pretty much saved this book for me and stole the show. I would have a preferred a better heroine for him but the writing and overall plot was really well done that I can't rate this lower no matter how much I want to. lol