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Beauty Touched the Beast - Skye Warren I'm not a big fan of short stories in general. I'm a full on novel kind of girl but this was good. Of course I loved the beauty and the beast theme who doesn't? I would have probably enjoyed it more if it was a full story but still I liked it. Really sweet sexy story about two people who secretly love each other but are scared to tell each other.

The only thing that I thought was a little fuzzy and unclear was the hero's age. She describes him as old enough to be her father and that wierded me out. I'm usually not a big stickler for age difference b/w a hero and heroine but here it made me kinda wish the comparison wasn't made. lol Sorry but so NOT a visual I want in my head. She's described as a young college student and he's hinted at more than once being too old for her. If the big age difference wasn't stressed so much and brought up so much with the hero thinking of himself as a 'dirty old perv' I would have liked it more. The more he kept bringing it up the weirder it was for me.

Aside from that nice easy read.