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Dark Knight (Loveswept) (Loveswept) - Donna Kauffman Read this simply because of the author and the synopsis of the story. I'm familiar with DK's books it's the reason I read this because I love her style of writing. But this was the least fav of mine and I regret even buying it. I should have taken a hint from the cover. :P pfft. Main problem above all else: it was too short. When I got the book I noticed how thin it was and of course after reading it I felt like I read a short story rather than an actual novel. I'm not a fan of short stories. Not enough juice for me.

Second: the actual plot of the story was too short and convoluted for me. The whole book pretty much covers two-three days between the main characters and 90% of the book is spent on the two tumbling about in a cabin half naked arguing and fighting against sexual attraction until they finally give in. Then to have them come together at the end and get hitched was just too fast and unrealistic for me. Cute sexy adult couple but the story and pacing of it was rushed and choppy.

If you want smut then I say read it (even though there's only one sex scene in it) not even much of that to be honest but that's all you'll pretty much get out of it. No real story in there.