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The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter Strider, possessed by the demon of Defeat cannot lose a challenge without suffering unimaginable pain. For him nothing stands in the way of victory until Kaia. Kaia, a Skyhawk Harpy sister to Gwen and Bianka, tempts and challenges Strider in every way he tries to avoid.

This was okay. I'm starting to think the first 3 books are the strongest from this series. I didn't go into this one with high hopes or any particular high expectations but I was hoping it would surprise me in a good way. Unfortunately it didn't. The plot was very predictable and kind of stale and the story dragged out at times. For a book that got a lot of hype before it's release and Gena gushing about how much she loved this book in particular and Strider is her favorite Lord this surprised me. It was kind of disappointing overall.

I love Strider, he's such a fun loving hilarious manly guy who's all tough talk with a naughty-boy sense of humor yet tender side with oodles of charm. But I have to say his character was pretty toned down in this which confused me. Instead of being lead he came off more at times as a supporting or secondary character and this is his OWN book. Major WTF? for me. He shined and stole scenes in the short scenes we got of him in the previous books. He's not a fav of mine but he was always enjoyable and did stand out. I thought he was gonna be a full package of fun and wit in this and was preparing myself for the snarky wise cracks from him left and right but....it was toned downed. A lot. It was nice seeing him fall in love and grow up but still I missed that fun-loving nature of his that I felt was missing at times.

As for Kaia, I ended up liking her but it was a struggle. I enjoyed her as a character but the Harpy thing was just eh for me. I tried really hard to give the whole Harpy thing another chance. I wasn't a big fan of it the first go around in Sabin's book when Kaia's sister Gwen was introduced. I'm all for some ass-kicking females who can stand on their own. Hell yes! But the whole bloody gruesome rip your throat out with your bare teeth thing just turned me off. I just found their whole lifestyle and list of ridiculous rules and tendencey to get in bitch fights over little things to be weird and annoying. And have I mentioned gruesome? The Harpy games was interesting but again some of it I wasn't a big fan of. Plus I got really bored with it really fast. The Skyhawk sisters cold-hearted one-track-minded shrew of a mother got on my nerves, Kaia's nemesis I wanted someone to bitch slap and stuff her in a box and be done with it. As for the games itself I found myself not caring much and the outcome was pretty predictable.

And there were 3 new characters introduced that I found intriguing Neeka, Arca and Lazarus. I will say I was annoyed that happened to Lazarus I hope Gena gives him another chance. Neeka I was actually hoping would be paired with a Lord in the future even though she's a Harpy I really liked her but her fate seemed to go in a different direction in this. She's the first black character introduced and I'm assuming this is the same one Gena was referring to. I thought maybe she has bigger plans for that character? As for Arca, that scene with Paris was so heartbreaking and sad I hated that she was a means to an end I'm hoping to she makes another appearance again. I really do hope she is freed and finds someone. She was the g-dly version of Rapunzel and what can I say the romantic in me wants her to find someone special. (don't laugh! lol)

I found myself more interested in the side stories with Paris and William then the whole Harpy games fiasco. I will say this, I hope Gena redeems herself in the next book and puts poor Paris and ME out of our misery. I will go ape shit if that man has to endure another endless round of screwing strangers left and right just to find Sienna. Please NO. That's all we've endured since the very beginning through SEVEN FREAKIN BOOKS! I think we get the point, he's desperate to find her and will do anything. Please no more stalling, repeating or dragging things out. Give me some real angst, some real action both of which I felt were lacking in this book. At least the angst side of it.

At this point the only Lords I care about getting their own books are Paris and Torin. William as well but that's a sore subject for me I'm not gonna get into. lol As for the rest I'm not sure. If the books keep repeating with the same predictable plot set up and side story filters it's gonna get old. But I love these characters so much I can't quit them.

On a side note I've been wanting to read the spin off book on Lysander and Bianka but was solely hesitant because of the Harpy thing but they seem so cute together and Lysander is all kinds of YUM to me I wanted to give it a try but after reading this I'm once again skeptical. Harpy's are very short-tempered and aggressive which I don't like and that whole scene with Bianka giggling and acting smug about punching her man in the face over an argument made me cringe. Big No-no for me. If I had a yummy warrior angel like Lysander, punching him is the LAST thing I'd want to do. Girl is freaking nuts....