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A Man in a Million - Jessica Bird That cornball cover does the characters in this book NO justice. Absolutely none.

I really enjoyed this! I personally would have liked more 'meat' to the story but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I LOVED Spike. He was just truly delicious. He made the story for me. He stood out so much in this I really wish I got more just to read more about him. His appearance and how he interacts with others was really enthralling. I got totally stuck on the description of the guy. Tattoo decked with an earring, jet black hair and oh yes....yellow eyes. Sound familiar?? ;P I mean seriously, a misunderstood broody hero with a secrete tender heart, tattoo across his whole back and neck and stunning yellow eyes? Hello yummy! It was Zsadist in human form. GIVE ME! :D

If you are a fan of J.R. Ward's BDB series, in particular Zsadist and Bella then you're in for a treat with this one. It's the CR light fluffy version of Ward's dark paranormal angsty vampire characters. The pairing in this struck me as very similar to Zsadist and Bella. Maddie had a lot of characteristic similarities to Bella as well. I couldn't help but fall for Spike and Madeline's story. This is obviously way more tamed and a PG-13 version of that (minus the hot steamy scene on Spike's bike ;P). I was impressed how she managed to not let one curse word slip into this. Ha. lol But it's still filled with classic WARDisms and nice little nods and winks to her BDB series.

Great story. Loved the characters, couldn't put this down. Only negative was I wish the story was a little longer. Like I said before plot-wise it was pretty light and could have been pushed more.