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Head Over Heels  - Jill Shalvis
Well this was a big step up from both Maddie and Tara's books. Wow.

I adored this story so SO much. Such a lovely surprise. I thought this was the strongest of the three books with the sisters. Nothing grabbed me from Simply Irresistible and The Sweetest Thing so I went into this one with low expectations even though I was intrigued and curious about the town hottie Sheriff Sawyer and 'wild child' Chloe. Seeing them go from bickering and butting heads in the beginning of this series to suddenly giving heated quiet looks at the end of Tara's book made me pick this one up. Glad I did. Chloe and Sawyer won me over completely.

I wanted Sawyer for myself. I adore this guy so freaking much. He's a big gruff lovable teddy bear with such a tender sweetheart side that made me wish I could snuggle up with him. <3 I fell for him right along with Chloe. :P Similar to Chloe, he didn't have an easy childhood and had rough teenage years but ended up turning his life around and everyone in Lucky Harbor loves and respects him as the town Sheriff. He goes out of his way to help others and pretty much shoulders a lot of responsibility on his shoulders (more than necessary). He puts up with enough crap with steel calm and patience. I wanted to hug him more than once through this story. Him and Chloe made quite a pair and I loved every minute of seeing them fight their growing attraction and affection for each other. <br/>
Chloe is my favorite sister of the three. I connected and found myself relating to her so much of out the three sisters. She's reckless and free spirited but has a big vulnerable guarded heart. I didn't think I would be a big fan of her since her introduction in the very first book but she won me over after reading this. Seeing her POV and Sawyer's was really eye-opening considering we only got to see bits and pieces of them in the previous books they pretty much were secondary filler characters. I was preparing to get a whole lot of battle of wills in this with them butting heads like they kept doing in the previous stories but boy was I wrong. These two fell so hard and so openly for each other that I found it really sweet and so endearing. The chemistry was so palpable and raw and crazy good. None of it came off forced or flat (which I honestly felt at times with the previous 2 pairings). The chemistry between these two is so engaging and addictive and magnetic. I felt it all the way through and couldn't put this book down because of it. There were some incredibly raw and poignant vulnerable 'suck your breath in' moments between these two which took me by surprise and had me even re-reading parts. They have this connection that sucks you in completely. They had a lot in common and found common ground and balanced each other out perfectly. I loved seeing Sawyer the gruff, private man open up and genuinely care and worry for Chloe. It was really sweet and damn sexy. And excuse me for the sappy moment but I absolutely loved seeing two people who have always felt so alone in the world come together and find a 'home' with each other. My inner hopeless-romantic silly girl sighed over that. And that epilogue was all kinds of adorable. Wish I get to see more of these two! ;)