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A Wallflower Christmas - Lisa Kleypas Very enjoyable bittersweet read. Final installment of the Wallflower series. This is an extended epilogue/novella of sorts where we see all the Wallflowers come together in a reunion for Christmas with their husbands. Kleypas introduces us to another Bowman sibling, this time Lillian and Daisy's eldest brother Rafe. He comes to Stony Cross Park from New York to meet Lady Natalie Blandford, a woman he's thinking of marrying. Naturally once again, his father wants to arrange a marriage between the two thinking the match is advantagous to his business. But Rafe unexpectedly finds himself drawn to Natalie's companion, her cousin Miss Hannah Appleton. From the very start Hannah dismisses him as an arrogant rake who cares only for money and personal pleasures. She thinks the match is doomed and tries in vain to discourage her cousin from courting with Rafe, who she is convinced will only hurt and take advantage of Natalie. The two start bickering and flirting and Hannah finds herself falling hard and fast for the handsome American. The love story in this while fast is very sweet and enthralling. I adored Rafe. He was so much fun and his instant fascination and attraction to the unassuming Hannah was really enjoyable. I must say my favorite part with these two was Hannah discovering that love note. Wow. Just WOW is all I can say. Beautifully written very intense.

And seeing snippets and side stories of my favorite couples St. Vincent & Evie in particular (eeeek! my lovelies were SO freaking lovely in this) was an added bonus. And I have to say the side story, 'conflict' dealing with Marcus and Lillian was fun. I really loved that Kleypas didn't turn the other couples into background filler characters. I was really afraid of that but this is Kleypas and she once again weaved her magic in here so effortlessly. Seeing the the wallflower ladies and their doting husbands interact and deal with marital issues was great. Reminded me once again why I loved them so much. And Evie pregnant in this was super adorable! :P <3<br/>