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Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas Second book I've read of hers and haven't been disappointed. Amazing!!! So so so good. Everything you could want in a romance period piece wrapped in a perfect package. Plenty of drama, angst, and tons of passion. Plus it has really hot steamy sex scenes. Good lord. I couldn't put this book down until I finished it. I loved Kleypas's style of writing and how she delves deep into the main characters, you see them actually grow and get to really know them which I think other authors tend to gloss over. The most flawed yet delicious hero you could ask for is Sebastian. I loved everything about him, he's completely flawed and at times not so nice but Kleypas manages to really pull you in and make you fall in love with the guy. Well I did at least. lol

And I adored the heroine Evie. So sweet and shy yet really strong. I loved to see how she blossomed and showed that inner fire come out no one was expecting to see from her. Very sweet and charming. Both main characters even the secondary ones are believable. What I loved most and of course is the perfect cliched recipe for romance is the 'opposites attract' equation you have here. And these two are the epitome of it, Sebastian the self-indulgent careless rake and Evie the shy stammering wallflower. What I loved most about her writing style is there isn't that typical fluffy sunny tone you expect in period pieces, in her books the tone is more dark and realistic to the times and socially conscious which is a breath of fresh air in my opinion.