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One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean 5 stars!

Ever read a book that leaves you feeling like this?
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Yup. That happened. Numerous times for me. A complete delicious addictive read from beginning to end. This exceeded my expectations which were quite high to begin with, with is a rarity. I was totally prepared to be let down a little but much to my surprise and delight this book did not let me down. Cross wouldn’t let me go and neither would Pippa. The characters had my attention all the way through. Had me hanging onto their every word, sigh, plea and then some. Cross and Pippa have a special place in my heart.

Oh Mr. Cross. <3 <br/>
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Jasper Alersey Earl of Harlow who goes by the simple name of Cross intrigued me from the start of the series. He's one of the 4 owners of the gaming hell The Fallen Angel. He's carried the reputation of a ladies man who can seduce a woman right out of her clothes without using his hands. Yet there is so much more to him than he lets on. :P

That little snippet preview MacLean shared at the end of Penelope’s book had me immediately hunting down a copy of Pippa’s book. I could not not read this and so very glad I’ve continued with this series. Philippa Mabury is a one of a kind heroine, a bluestocking intelligent girl who loves her experiments and is known as the ‘odd Mabury sister’. Her honesty, sense of humor, kindness and head for science was very charming. I adored Pippa, she charmed me from the start with her blunt honesty, open curiosity and penchant for discovering things she knew nothing about. She turned Cross’s world upside down and I enjoyed every minute of these two falling for each other. Pippa surprised me the most out of the two with the way she endlessly pursued Cross and fought for them to be together, I honestly wasn't expecting that. They were so charming and adorable together. Cross's endless fascination and longing for his bluestocking girl was endearing to no end and so sweet. Cross as a hero just devastated me, his strive for trying to do best for those he loves and thinking he doesn’t deserve Pippa. His intensity and open honesty towards his feelings for her just stole my breath. This man turned me to mush. Like damn. Talk about your tortured-angsty hero. Naturally this equation in a Historical setting may sound like nothing new, but Sarah MacLean has a serious way with words that just wraps around you and sucks you in. Her handling of prose is phenomenal and manages to lure the reader in completely. The characters & words leaped off the page and I was enamored by every aspect of this story. I’m a huge HUGE fan of angsty tortured couples who are hopelessly in love but can’t be together. And boy were these two angsty as ever, the kind of angst that hurts and makes you want to pull your hair out but it’s the hurts-so-good kind of angst. They killed me!
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^^Pretty much sums up their love story and I was completely enchanted. Granted there is a lot of slow build up to get to their HEA but it was very well done. The pay off is deliciously worth it. Cross has a way with words that leaves you a little foggy in the head. I liked that. A lot. If only a man would get all breathless and hungry for me like that. Oof. He is a serious dirty talker which I enjoyed immensely. I love guys who are naughty talkers and so damn good at it. He had me all hot and flustered with just his words. So sexy shmexy and swoon-worthy.

We of course see snippets of the other Fallen Angel owners, Temple included, which I enjoyed very much. Temple is cynical as ever about love and weary of women. :P Is it wrong of me to admit that every time MacLean points out his lumbering height and ridiculously broad shoulders I get all....

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I'm not going to say I'm excited for Temple's book. Because I'm not. AT all. Seriously absolutely NOT. *tries not to twitch and keep a straight face while typing this*

Another wonderful addition to this series! A total keeper on my shelf. I have another book boyfriend to moon over and add to my growing list of I WISH YOU WERE REAL & MINE heroes. >:D If you are a Sarah MacLean fan or just love honorable ginger-haired heroes with a dirty mouth or smart feisty bluestocking heroines then this is the book for you!