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It Had to Be You - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Amazing!!! Loved loved loved this from beginning to end. Had me thoroughly hooked. I seriously could not put this book down. All the characters were so much fun to read about. Phoebe Somerville and Dan Calebow are such a fun intense passionate pair. This book had a little bit of everything which is why I loved it so much, it's hilarious, sassy, witty and breaks your heart at the same time. I wasn't expecting the dark tone in parts but it was a nice surprise made the story and characters much more real and fleshed out. I think Susan Elizabeth Phillips is my new favorite contemporary author. I loved her style of writing! I think after reading this I may have to read the other books in this series. 5 stars all the way!!!

ETA: I feel like this deserves a better review given how amazing and resonating the story and characters in this were for me. Of all the contemporary romance books I've read this will forever stand out to me and sits above all others. Yes there are fluffy sweet moments and hilarious wit and sass and bantering shared b/w the hero and heroine but given what happens to Pheobe and how she tries to overcome her past ghosts, this story really grabbed at my heart. There were several moments that were a total sucker-punch-to-the-gutt. SEP really knows how to throw in WTF omg! moments that you never see coming or unexpected twists that leave you floored. There were several 'did that really just happen?' moments in this book and I give SEP extra points for managing to pull it off so brilliantly. Takes major gutso and balls to do it. Her characters are real hard-core, raw, fleshed out, I-could-touch-you with my hands, resonating characters. Phoebe and Dan stole my heart. They both struggle to get to their HEA but once they do it was so enthralling and beautiful to read. Naturally I had a dopey smile on my face re-reading parts that just turned my stomach to mush. Dan is not your typical hero, he's rough around the edges, brash, aggressive and a prideful stubborn-streak a mile wide. And he has a temper. Oh boy does he have a temper. He tries very hard to change his ways and is serious about settling down and finding 'the one', a woman he can picture himself marrying. Naturally he thinks Phoebe is everything he doesn't want or need. But Phoebe has been fooling everyone for years into seeing what she wants them to see due to a ugly dark memory from her past that she hides from everyone. It was so much fun seeing her and Dan butt heads, yelling and bickering. The sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts. And once they give in to the attraction and feelings it was hard to put this down. Oh lord do they give in. *fans self*

I just I loved every second of this book. This isn't just light and fluff so I'd recommend this to anyone who is a CR fan.