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A Kiss to Remember - Teresa Medeiros First book of Teresa's I read and I fell in love. This was recommended to me and I read the synopsis and I was intrigued. I'm glad I took the recommendation. I was honestly expecting to hate it given the plot and deception on the heroine's part but I was pleasantly surprised. This was very eerily similar to a storyline I watched on a soap (yes go ahead and laugh) same EXACT plot only the woman who pulls off the lie and tells the guy she's his wife I wanted to strangle, her desperate lying and scheming I couldn't stand. Which is why I was REALLY hesitant to read this but surprisingly enough I ended up enjoying this.

Medeiros way of handling a tricky story set-up like this was really well pulled off. The story and characters and dialogue made me fall in love. The story may not be for everyone so fair warning. And what the heroine does is pretty scheming and while I didn't agree with it I understood her reasonings behind it. I couldn't hate her. Love the hero Sterling! Yum. :) Love him and how he dramatically yet slowly changes from an arrogant cold-hearted shut off man to compassionate and understanding and humbled one. The tension and struggle between him and Laura is really suspenseful and dramatic and just delicious. I could have easily hated Laura for what she did but her reasons behind it and her actions I completely understood and sympathized with her. The pull between them and struggle to fight off the feelings and passion is really angsty. Very passionate, vulnerable, raw love story. So good! I loved everything about this book. All the characters are fully developed and just fun to read. 5 stars from me hands down!!!!