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The Wedding Trap - Tracy Anne Warren By far the BEST of the three books (1st one comes in close second) for me. And it surprised me cause after reading the second one I was underwhelmed and not sure what to expect but goodness this was really good. Loved loved loved Kit and Eliza. I adore and loved the hero Kit in this. He just made me swoon. His humor whit and charm is so infectious and lovable and Eliza is adorable. The starting off as friends and Kit starting to fall for her was really sweet. The innocent set up is what made the whole plot so delicious. I loved the little 'lessons' Kit gave Eliza to try and teach her but ended up getting carried away. The build up was really nice while a little slow and dragged out at times the second half of the book and ending more than makes up for it. I was not expecting the intense angst in this one I was expecting more light-hearted fun given the main characters but I was really surprised. I think the last few chapters is what really made me love the book more. I wasn't expecting it but jesus the love between them and how it grows is amazing and addictive to read. I don't think there was anything I disliked about this book which is rare for me. lol Really fun playful delightful read while at the same time very passionate. And it's not even just in the physical sense but through words and dialogue which is what's really nice and surprising. I really like this author's style of writing and use of dialogue. Beautifully done. Awesome book!