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The Taming of the Duke - Eloisa James I really really love the character of Rafe. Love and adore him. Eloisa James is one of my favorite authors so it kills me to say this because I was really looking forward to reading this. I was disappointed with this one and it's only because of the plot and set up of the story and how it was dragged out. Still a great read I'd recommend it but compared to the other in the series this was disappointing for me.

*SPOILER ALERT* I really liked the idea of Rafe's long lost brother Gabe coming into the mix and making things interesting but what I thought made the story go a little stale for me and dragged out was Rafe disguising himself as his brother to fool Imogen throughout the whole book. It drove me nuts how she kept thinking it was Gabe she was with and made love to him thinking he was Gabe. It just made me cringe. How can you profess to love a man when you don't know he's someone else? And then to only find out she knew at the very end made it all the more frustrating because I wanted to know WHEN exactly she found out. The author never revealed that part and I think it was a very vital piece to the story. I felt totally shafted. I felt cheated cause you keep thinking the heroine is completely oblivious and freaking clueless the whole time only to find out she knew all along. Whaaaat? I would have much rather have had her find out and reveal it and them getting to spend genuine time together without games or disguises or lies. These two have a very volatile history so I really wanted to see them just be together openly without lies or disguises surrounding them. Beside that it would have made for an awesome book if we saw the two bickering and arguing like they have throughout the series and just go from there. The whole 'in disguise' angle while clever, kind of muddled up the story for me. I just did not like how the author went about these two falling in love. It's surrounded by a bunch of tricks and lies.