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Yours Until Dawn - Teresa Medeiros Loved this book one of the first book's of Teresa's that I read and I loved it. So suspensful and heartbreaking and raw. I adore Gabriel in this. His struggle to deal with this blindness and stubborn headed pride at asking for help was expected but charming and fun to read. I liked Sam in this but I have to say I'm probably in the minority in this but I was disappointed with the surprise 'reveal'. Yes there were some clues hinting at something more going on that Sam didn't want Gabriel to know, but considering his history and how it lead him to his current situation I wasn't too crazy about finding out Sam wasn't who she said she was and turned out to be the very person who selfishly asked too much of him and ended up deserting him. But considering she seemed to realize her mistake and grew up a lot by the end of the book I ended up loving it and understood her more. Plus the heartbreak and longing between them was really enthralling and makes you catch your breath. What I love most is the author's ability to throw in surprise twists here and there that you don't necessarily see coming. I loved how they reunited in the end, not the typical cliche ending you expect in romance novels, it was cleverly done. Great read! Another goody by Medeiros.:)