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The Bargain - Mary Jo Putney Lady Jocelyn Kendall has a deadline to meet. She must marry before her twenty-fifth birthday or else she will lose her inheritance. Major David Lancaster is a wounded soldier back from war who is in the hospital dying. Jocelyn meets the intriguing Major and offers him the Bargain. What's in store for them both is a nice unexpected surprise...

I have to say...this was way better than I expected. Really surprised me. I randomly picked it up cause I needed something to read. Glad I did. Great story with interesting characters. The whole set up of the heroine marrying a dying officer after she meets him at the hospital totally grabbed me. I LOVE set ups like this, the possibilities are so very very delicious. :P Very intriguing and interesting plot. Loved seeing how Jocelyn and David interacted with each other. They slowly came to care for each other and then fall in love. The only minus for me was Jocelyn coming to realize her true feelings for David a bit too late at the end of the book. It made her look fickle and a bit selfish to do that to him. I would have much preferred her realizing or admitting her real feelings without having to compare it with another man she was planning on marrying. But all in all, good story. And I also enjoyed the side story of David's overprotective sister Sally unexpectedly falling in love with the broodish Scottish doctor. Really sweet story, great read.