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The Husband Trap: A Novel - Tracy Anne Warren I loved it! I didn't know if I would cause the idea of identical twins switching places is just all kinds of crazy yet juicy at the same time. It could have been a total bomb but the author did a wonderful job. While I do think the 'ruse' was dragged out a bit long I understand why it was done cause then there would be no drama and everything would end too quickly. The author was really clever in handling how Violet acted around Adrian. You could tell she completely loved the man and her actions prove how hard it was on her to continue with the lie. So it's hard not to sympathize with her even though she agreed to the plan. And I do love the way the reveal was handled, not rushed to a dramatic yet expected conclusion. I think that was the most intense gut-wrenching scene from the book is when Adrian confronts her. Wow. Beautifully done.

Violet ended up facing her deceit and not gently with Adrian being furious. So good. It definitely took me by surprise. I really love Warren's style of writing and handling of plot. Perfect balance of everything, not too much, not too little, has drama and angst. The angst and tension is what saved the story or I should say made the story. And the nice twist at the end made me love it even more....cause seriously how else can you avoid that awkward elephant in the room of your husband not being able to tell you apart from your sister? Hee hee. Considering the set up of the story there's no going around it or avoiding it. I thought it was very cleverly done. I would seriously read this again it was that good. Amazing!!!