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Potent Pleasures - Eloisa James I really wish I read this series in order, because then it wouldn't have given so much away. I have to say this was the best from the 3 books. The others come in *very* close and again I have to hand it to Eloisa James she really knows how to write drama and angst-filled forlorn couples. This is totally different from her more recent works where it's more light humorous and fluffy, this series is much more dark and riddled with angst. Charlotte and Alex make you want to rip your heart out and your hair at times. I'm a drama-book junkie, I love when tension and angst is brought into a story cause it makes it that much more interesting and not boring. The story and characters in this are fully fleshed out and take you on an emotional roller coaster.

While I'm not a fan of men hurling insults or nasty words to the women they love, I still loved Alex. He's not for everyone and given what he does and how he lashes out at Charlotte in here he's a complicated character who I myself wanted to slap a few times. Alex is a very flawed far from perfect hero, he's to the point of mean and cruel at times but makes up for it when he comes through for Charlotte. I'm sure some may not have liked him for it even hated him but I found myself understanding him. Again if you like fluffy light reads this isn't the book for you. Very heartbreaking angsty story. I love Charlotte she's smart witty and has sass. While Alex made me want to punch him at times he did win me over. Great job to Eloisa James. Once again the last few chapters EJ brings it to a dramatic build where you are on the verge of bawling your eyes out. Beautifully written! I loved the book and loved the series! Wish there were more books to this series.