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Highlander Untamed - Monica McCarty Really really good!!! I honestly was cautious when I picked this up cause I was expecting the typical highland 'cliches' and plot story but oh goodness did this author prove me wrong. It's not just the story itself but her writing style that completely won me over. Great plot, great drama and climactic moments, really well thought out characters,well thought out story. What I loved most was the angst, the actual trials both the hero and heroine had to face. It wasn't the expected convoluted or 'forced' plot point just for the sake of throwing it in there and having them overcome it magically two seconds later. They both face some obstacles and plenty of angst to the point where you wanna rip your hair out--in a good way.lol Oh and some very hot love scenes. Always a plus for me. I loved it! And can I say it was nice to read a highland story that didn't have the expected highland Gaelic language where half the words you can't understand I wouldn't have minded if it but it made it easier to follow without. :P Thank you Monica McCarty!