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The Chief - Monica McCarty I think McCarty's Campbell/McLeods trilogy stories are way better. The love story in this didn't grab me and the hero I wasn't crazy about. He really frustrated me. Tor is the very package of a highland warrior hero, strong headed, fierce pride and compassionate heart and yummy of course but his single-minded focus to his clan just got to be too much at times and redundant. I lost count how many times I read the phrase "duty to his clan came first". I was waiting for him to soften up or open up more but very little was shown or it was all shoved in at the very end. The ending was underwhelming for me I wanted more. I liked Cristina her innocence and naivete was sweet but I just wish the author didn't make her so desperate to please Tor. I understood her longing for a loving marriage considering her background but her constantly trying to make him proud or help him out was pushed a bit far, it made me cringe. This book was missing something for me, the intensity and drama seen in her other books weren't there. That being said I am intrigued about the other highland warriors in Tor's army. The characters were interesting to read about and sounded like fun.