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Rules of Surrender - Christina Dodd For a historical book this was really disappointing for me. Pretty much awful to be honest. And the most frustrating because I tried so hard to like it. I had major issues with this book. Both the hero and heroine came off obnoxious and pretentious. Wynter who I tried very hard to like came off abrasive, chauvinistic and stupid. Which really confused me considering in the beginning he pretended to act inept to fool people but reading through the very end, the man was completely clueless and IMO never seemed to change. And Charlotte was no better. She came off stiff, snobbish, judgmental, and mean (all those remarks about his time in the desert and his way of living and the way he dressed I didn't appreciate). I understood she was a governess and was focused on following rules of propriety but that doesn't excuse her snobbish rude holier-than-thou attitude. Her cutting remarks to Wynter and his new lifestyle were neither endearing or charming. I could not understand or relate to her or Wynter most of the time.

And I understand the plot of the story was trying to fight off lust and growing feelings between two people but when the author spends so much more time (too much IMO) showing the two characters bickering and arguing then actually even 'liking' each other it gets kind of hard to believe that they love each other. Which was why I had a hard time buying Lady Charlotte loved Wynter when she hated even admitting it and spent most of the time reprimanding him or scolding him like a five-year old. It wasn't endearing in the least or sexy. And I couldn't buy Wynter loving her when he obviously didn't understand the meaning of love. It was a shame to me because the author did not focus on the actual love story and didn't show them falling in love at all but spent time page after page on the battle of wills between the two and the surrounding secondary characters. The whole pacing of the book was really odd. There was very little room left for actual romance or even love IMO. It got to the point where I almost stopped reading the book several times.

And an awkward rolling and tumbling around on the floor in a tent where the man has to physically force you to succumb to his advances is not hot, sexy or romantic, it was pretty much close to rape for me. It was totally bizarre to the point of uncomfortable when the man is ripping off her clothes and she's trying to flee. I mean what? I almost was laughing at how ridiculous the description was because I couldn't believe that was the climactic long drawn out 'love scene'. Nothing about it was seductive or romantic.

I was bummed because I was really looking forward to reading this governess series. :( I keep hearing great things about this author but so far not impressed or interested.