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Scent of Darkness - Christina Dodd Typically I try to avoid reading Paranormal contemp books cause I'm left disappointed. Love the genre, just haven't had much luck finding good reads. I liked this. There were some parts that I couldn't wrap my head around and thought was a little out there, yeah even for a paranormal. I didn't get the significance or relation to Ann's special mark to Jasha. I felt the two things were a little disconnected and not explained well. I also thought the pace of the story at times was a bit choppy and uneven. And while I do like the romantic side of the story where Ann loves her boss and is a virgin I have to agree with others that it was a little bit much for her to drive all the way to Jasha's house and pretty much move her stuff in there while she waited for him to 'surprise' him. I wish the author didn't include that part. It's unrealistic for a woman who's shy, self-conscious and never had a relationship to do something like that. Plus creepy.

I also wish the author wrote a book about Jasha's parents and how they met because their back story intrigued me. Their love story sounded interesting and I couldn't help but want to know more. And I honestly wish there was some translation of the 'nicknames' and endearments used in the book cause uh...not everyone reads or understands Russian. lol Aside from that it was an interesting read.