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Lady Be Good - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Oh man I could not finish this which makes me sad cause I'm a big fan of SEP and is the reason I grabbed this book. I'm surprised cause this got a lot of high ratings.

SEP's typical style of heroes are known to be arrogant, suave, a tad chauvinistic and sexist in the beginning of her books but they change or show a different side that wasn't there before as the story progresses. I'm totally fine with arrogant alpha-male heroes but this time I just could not get into the hero of this book. I was at first not crazy about him but then immediately got turned off by him with his lazy self-centered immature attitude. Characters have flaws I'm not asking for the perfect guy cause that would be boring as hell but here it was just too much and just blah. The whole airport scene where Kenny is supposed to pick up Emma just made me go really?? THAT'S the hero?? I'm supposed to root for him? He just came off so unlikeable to me and was just......blah. Plus the way he carried himself and acted was a tad too immature for my taste. He came off sounding like a spoiled teenager then a thirty-something-year old man. It just didn't click for me. His whole demeanor and how he acted around Emma turned me completely off. And that says a lot cause I'm usually more lenient and forgiving toward heroes then I am with heroines.

I tried to give him and the story a shot but none of the characters were interesting enough. I managed to skim through the ending (which I usually don't do) and of course there was the expected climactic moment where the hero suddenly has the 'aha' moment where he realizes he does love the heroine after all. Oh brother. I just didn't buy it. I probably have no right saying that cause I didn't read the book in full but I just could not get into it or be interested enough to read it.