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Crystal Cove  - Lisa Kleypas A big HUGE thank you to Francesca at Under the Covers Book Blog for getting me my copy of Crystal Cove! You rock girl!!!

3.5 stars
Finally got a chance to read this while I was on vacation. While I'm disappointed that the excerpt from Seduce Me at Sunrise was taken out of this (why?? :(), I still enjoyed this very much. Jason Black was a scrumptious signature Kleypas brooding hero. There were a few twists and unexpected turns that I appreciated and wasn't expecting. Kleypas always knows how to make her characters and stories fresh and interesting and her dialogue as always is superb. There is a darker edgier tone to this story which I liked, the bondage scene was nicely done I must say. I just wish I had a clearer image of what was going on since I'm new to the whole binding thing. The logistics of how she was tied up and how he was pulling her during the sex scene didn't add up in my head. lol And for those who aren't into that kind of thing but are Kleypas fans (or new readers) I hope that didn't scare you off. I still recommend reading this, it's Kleypas. You can't go wrong. Trust me. ;P