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Bride for a Night - Rosemary Rogers 3.5 stars

**I noticed a pretty big error with the printed copy I have. The blurb on the back of the book (paperback) has the hero named 'Andrew Richardson' the hero in this book is named Gabriel. Uh... why no one caught this I have no clue. I was really surprised and shocked that a mistake this big made it to print without someone catching it. Maybe I just got a bad copy? :P lol This is a first for me.**

This started out pretty strong but the lengthy really tedious kidnapping plot and long-winded repetitive inner monologues just dragged everything down for me. I could have so done without the tedious back-and-forth chase between the couple and the French spy Jacques Gerard who kept popping up left and right with a freaking pistol to hold the hero and heroine prisoner with the repetitive 'we meet again' entrances. Oh shut up already! The author had a serious attachment to this tiresome character that wouldn't go away until 2/3rds into the book which is unfortunate because it would have made for a better story without him getting so much page time. The overall story and characters suffered because of it. Oh and as far as 'side stories' go I would have so much rather have read about the budding relationship between Hugo, Lord Rothwell (Gabriel's best friend) and Hannah Lansing instead of Jacques and his mistress. RME. Spare me. Why the author decided to randomly shove in the surprise love story between Hannah and Hugo at the very end (and I'm talking the last 3 chapters) instead of having it slowly develop throughout the book is beyond me. They were so intriguing and a breath of fresh air in this muddled story. I really didn't care or have the patience to read about the villain Jacques long history and obliviousness to his feelings towards his mistress. It just got ridiculous how every time Talia and Gabriel managed to escape, there was Jacques popping up to capture them again. It just got silly and kind of 'this can't be happening AGAIN' comical when he manages to catch them 3 TIMES. I mean seriously?? And I also didn't care at all for the selfish reckless mess of a brother Harry who caused the main couple so much trouble. If I was supposed to have sympathy or care about him being 'rescued' the author totally lost me there. Harry is an uninspiring simpering self-indulgent character why the hell should I watch Gabriel risk his neck more than once to save him? There were too many over-dramatic characters and actions and obnoxious characters in this that it slowly became a chore to finish this unfortunately. A lot of things could have been cut down IMO.

I liked the writing, the dark angsty edge to it is my kind of thing and the set up was really interesting but this was in need of some serious editing in certain areas.