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The Darkest Seduction (Hqn) - Gena Showalter Great continuation of the Lords of the Underworld series. I've missed the Lordies and their crazy shenanigans. Really loved seeing the whole cast of characters make appearances and play a part in this. Yay!

Didn't think I would but I enjoyed Sienna in this, she made a great heroine. It's amazing how once again I go from hating a character to really liking them in this series. Gena did a great job developing this character who started out as a villain and was an enemy to the Lords. Sienna's character growth and POV in this is what made her more relatable and enjoyable as a heroine. I was skeptical and hesitant before reading this but it was a fun read. Paris, as always was a handful. He was one of my original favs from the beginning. I'm not sure I'm a big fan of this darker blood-thirsty version of him though. He definitely has put himself through a lot to find Sienna. I just wish some of that original spark and playful bad boy persona came out. I can't really say he's still a favorite of mine unfortunately. It's not that I didn't like him in this, he just didn't stand out to me like he did in the beginning of the series. It could be because of the long drawn out conclusion to finding his HEA. I don't know. I guess part of the reason is the long continuous build up and wait to get to his story. When I finally got his book and read it, the excitement just wore thin. It was still a good read, just not one of Showalter's best or personal fav of mine.

I was glad that the other Lords were present in this although I did feel a distance and disconnect between Paris and his closest friends, Aeron and Strider in particular. Aeron was pretty much non-existent in this much to my frustration. I felt Gena missed the boat not having Sienna and Aeron share scenes. That surprised me the most I didn't understand why she would skip out on such a significant connection. Aeron was the original keeper of Wrath, it would have made sense to have these two talking and sharing the burden of carrying the same demon. Having Olivia be the ‘messenger’ between the two I thought was kind of lame and awkward. And Strider didn't impress me in this at all, he once again showed his one track mind and selfish instinct by giving Paris ultimatums all for the sake of protecting his own woman. RME. Give me a break. I mean really?? It was disappointing to say the least. These two were the closest of friends, would die for each other and all he seemed to care about was getting rid of Sienna and he even used their sordid secrete past to manipulate him. It surprised even me how low he went. This was a complete startling contrast to how these two interacted in Amun and Strider's book.

And speaking of disappointing...I thought the 'intervention' the whole gang staged for Paris was ridiculous and a totally jumping the shark moment. To me the whole thing was a set up to convince him to get rid of Sienna rather than genuine care and concern for him. It was the first time (not really) I wanted someone to bitch slap Anya. I didn't care for her obnoxious immature 'speech'. RME. The whole thing was ridiculous and cruel. I know these Lords leave a little to be desired in the tactful approach and human emotions, this scene made it startling obvious how one-track-minded they can be.

And I really can't believe I'm gonna say this but I'm now shipping a new couple who really caught my interest in this, Galen and Legoin. I hope Showalter is semi (really) serious about pairing these two up. There was some MAJOR hinting in here and it looked like it may be heading towards them pairing up but with Showalter you never know. I made no secrete about how much I disliked Legoin in Aeron's book for several reasons. But in Strider's book (book 8) she goes through a lot and barely survives a traumatic experience while trapped in hell. For the first time after her rescue, we see her here struggling with the after math of her time in hell. We see a different side of her, a vulnerability and distraught state of mind. She became more human to me and more relatable. Before she was a grasping self-serving manipulative demon out to get what she wanted. Now ever since she tricked and seduced Galen, he's been obsessed with finding her and keeping her as his prisoner. Here he manages to get to her and keep her with him for a while and their interaction was very telling. There were a lot of mine, my woman being tossed around through out the story and he seemed very fixated and determined to keep her. And it was shown that he cares about her, he surprised me how he went out of his way to not harm her. He seems to really care for her and showed the first sign of a conscience and selflessness which intrigued and excited me. I really hope this goes somewhere and it's not dropped. It's the first time I'm taking interest and curious about Gelen and see him showing redeemable non-villanous qualities. Please Gena, I beg you give these two a story! These two have tons and tons of potential and chemistry. It’s been shown how no one has been able to get through to Legoin in her self-imposed isolation and Galen has been the only one able to reach her. I think there's a reason behind that. They have a connection and great chemistry I really hope Showalter takes it somewhere!!!!

And as for the new characters....I'll just say this. Please please PLEASE Showalter do NOT pair up any of the remaining warriors with Viola. I'm begging you. I'm sorry but there is only so much of that obnoxious blithering silly character I can take. I thought Anya was a handful, Viola is ten times worse. It seems to be Gena’s forte to write eccentric over-the-top self-absorbed sarcastic female characters who talk like valley girls. It can be entertaining at times and in small doses but at this point it’s getting old, very familiar and very cartoonish. I’ve seen this exact character in her Alien hunter series (Noelle, Ava anyone??), I’ve seen it in her Contemporary romance work with that crazy Jullian chick, I’ve seen it with Anya, the harpy sisters Bianka and Kaia etc etc etc @#$%^&*()...enough already! You can replace any of these ladies with the other they are so similar. The distinctions between these characters are non-existent at this point for me since I've read it so much. I'm not sure if Gena realizes these clone-like personalities aren't cute or funny but are just annoying and obnoxious as hell. Please Gena switch gears already!

Anyways...here we are introduced to Viola, she's the keeper of Narcicissm so naturally she spends 90% of the time talking about herself and her many shining qualities and talks the Lords ears off. I thought for sure she would play a part in this story but other than helping out Paris with some info her part in this story was not really relevant so I didn’t see the significance of introducing this new character which makes me have the dreaded feeling she will play a bigger part in the next upcoming books or be possibly paired with Torin? Gah. Please for the love of endearing characters....NO.

Speaking of Torin, an interesting deal was made between him and Cronus in this, one dealing with his ability to able to touch a woman for the first time. It fell through, I'm curious to know what happens next and if the woman Cronus had in mind will come into play some how? Hmm...questions so many questions.

William the Ever Randy, was his natural Randy self. I love this guy. I'm still holding out miserable hope that he gets to be with his Gilly considering Gena still loves to tease and torture readers with these two circling each other and being all tender and sweet. Yes I'm still on that boat. I still want that story, the t-shirt, the mug, etc. At this point in time, the fact that Gena is having these two still give longing looks and William going out of his way to protect her and is making her his concern makes me really wish and hope that these two will be paired up. I don't see the point of dragging it out and have other characters go out of their way to mention and point out the connection and sexual tension between these two only for it to go nowhere. So again, I ask and beg shamelessly to the author to please give these two a chance at a story.

Overall, fun, intense rollar coaster of a story. I have missed the yummy Lords and their huffing and puffing over their women. Curious to see where their story goes next... ;)