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Mr. Cavendish, I Presume - Julia Quinn This was my very first Quinn book and I just found it disappointing all around. I didn't know this was a series and from what I'm getting it was a pointless one at that. All I know is from my POV reading it as a stand alone it just did nothing for me. I felt the story dragged on very slowly where there was little to no interaction between the hero and heroine. That was the most frustrating thing for me. It took too long to reach a climax or conclusion and even when it did, both were very anticlimactic. The plot of finding the 'lost' Duke I didn't care much for and the love story was no better. You go from Thomas completely ignoring his betrothed to tolerating her to saying ILY at the end (as expected in a romance book). I didn't buy it. There really wasn't much of any love story or romance in this. I felt Thomas and Amelia were more like friendly acquaintances then a couple falling in love. And them having sex for the first time on the dirt floor outside of an old church just made the book even more disappointing. Had me going 'that was it?' I think it was the most awkward/cringe-worthy moment from the entire book and I don't think that was Quinn's intention. She's a great author this just wasn't her best. Her Bridgerton series is so much better then her more recent work.