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The Darkest Pleasure - Gena Showalter My oh my how I loved this book, let me count the ways....:P

I'm seriously in love with this series. I can't stop reading them. The characters are so enthralling and very unique and they manage stay with you. I just can't get enough of these yummy Lordies. They are really addictive.

This is the third installment in the Lords of the Underworld series, this one is focused on Reyes, the immortal warrior possessed by the demon of Pain. He's secretly been in love with a human Danika Ford, who the Lords held captive in the very first book. I would seriously recommend reading these books in order or else you will be completely lost. Danika and her family were kidnapped in the first book by the Lords to help prevent their friend and fellow warrior Aeron, possessed by the demon of Wrath, from killing them like he was ordered to by G-d King Cronus. From the very first encounter Reyes has with Danika, he can't forget her and becomes obsessed with making sure she's okay.

Reyes was just perfection. And by perfection I mean totally flawed with a lot of fears, insecurities but has a big tender heart wrapped up in one yummy package. He totally had me from the first book the instant he met Danika. He broke my heart with how much he wanted to see her and just be with her but stayed away for her own safety. I swear to g-d if a man like that ever exists in real life I want. Send him my way! :P The way he goes immediately from intense hardened warrior to tender and caring and soft spoken when he's around Danika was really enthralling and so damn endearing. I also loved the nickname he gave her, it was really sweet. I loved him so much. That art studio set up just turned me into a pile of goo. Sexiest. thing. ever. And no it's not what you think, it's the gesture he makes just to see her happy. *dies*

Anyways, I was really hesitant at reading his book because I wasn't much of a fan of Danika from her introduction in the first book. I was actually really annoyed that the author paired him up with her but this book convinced me otherwise. I quickly changed my mind while reading this and I love it all the more for it.

The biggest surprise for me in this was Danika. I was expecting to really hate her while reading this, she put up a quite a fight in the beginning and hated all-things demon. Understandably so. She did not have an easy life and based on what is revealed in this book she didn't have a easy childhood either. What surprised me was her open-mindedness and vulnerability. I was expecting to get the typical quick-to-judge, stubborn, snooty heroine but Danika proved me wrong. She is very head strong and independent but has a very big heart and is selfless in all her actions especially when it comes to her family. I admire her for the decisions she made that aren't easy. She was very conflicted in this and wasn't sure which side to pick. In the beginning of this she is grabbed by Hunters and convinced to join their 'fight' to bring down the warriors. But given the events that take place the decision from the start was clearly taken out of her hands. What I really liked was her inner-battle over what to do and who to help and Showalter kept giving us Danika's POV which really helped. I could understand her actions and way of thinking so much more. I loved seeing how she slowly started to soften and come to trust the warriors and accept them. She fell completely and openly for Reyes and the transformation that takes place for both of them once they discover they love each other is really sweet. Sucked me completely. I really like how Showalter always throws conflicts in there for each couple to over come. It's a nice twist and adds to the suspense. And what I love is how she sets up the backstories for the other warriors. The author really nicely weaves side stories of certain warriors into each book so we get a better understanding of each one. And as always I loved seeing Maddox and Ashlyn and Lucien and Anya. So adorable.

I have to say, I don't know how much longer I can wait for Paris's book. That man breaks my heart. I have a soft spot for the Budapest Lords, they are my favs I'm just really dying to know what happens to Paris and how the hell she plans on dragging out the poor guy's torment through six more books?? That's cruel. lol For the character AND the readers. I mean come on!

Anyways, another great book! 5 stars all the way.