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The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter Well damn, this was a surprise. A very pleasant surprise. Better than the previous 2 books for sure (sorry Gid & Sabin). It surprised me simply because the main players in this were 'meh' for me before reading this. Amun, the keeper of Secrets was more of a background character in the previous books. Although he was introduced early on with the rest of the Greece warriors, he was the most quiet, reserved and distant one. Add that to the fact that he doesn't talk and yeah not much interest for me. He was a big giant shadow to me, a very ambiguous character who I wasn’t sure what to make of him or get from him. I know many were upset w/ Gena's choice pairing for Amun and Strider but I honestly wasn't attached to either or. I think she pretty much solved the dilemma in this book and had me convinced of who belongs with who. Lol My only reservation was whether it would hold my interest enough to read through the whole story. But of course this is Gena Showalter and she had me hooked completely. I adored Amun and Haidee I fell for them and their story completely. Really sweet, head-over-heels passionately in-love heartbreaking couple. Surprised me for sure. That passion and intensity which I thought went a little stale in a few of the previous books was back in full blast in this one. Yay! :D

The story here as usual picks up where the last book left off. Here we are introduced or I should say reintroduced to Haidee, a Hunter demon assassin who is devoted to bringing down the Lords as revenge for the death of her family and loved ones. We were introduced to her in the previous book when Strider grabs her and carts her around all over the world. I was immediately prepared to dislike her, hate her considering what she did to one of the warriors. And I really didn't know how Gena was going to go about bringing her into the lives of the Lords and having them 'accept' her with open arms considering her past. It’s a very tricky sticky situation. But she managed to make it work beautifully. I ended up really loving Haidee. Which was a nice surprise. She surprised me the most in this. She's tough as nails, smart, determined, strong but loyal to a fault and has a tender vulnerable side you rarely see. She also loves and protects those she cares for fiercely, she loves with her whole heart and is serious about it which once again, surprised me.

It was really interesting to see how she came into Amun's life and how they had to work together to help him purge the thousandths of demon voices in his head. Again I wasn't sure what to expect from this book and went in to it with low expectations. I was blown away with what I got. What surprised me the most was how much focus was put on Amun and Haidee in this. They had a lot of interaction and spent time getting to know each other. It was a really nice break away from all the other books. Considering most of the story takes place with them trekking through hell, they got A LOT of one-on-one time together. Which I liked a lot. This was something I felt that was missing in the last 3 books among other things. That alone time where the H/HR get to spend time getting to know each other and learn to trust the other. It was a nice shift in this. It was wonderful to see Haidee open up her heart and get to know Aumun as a man, not just a warrior and the demon enemy she always thought he was. What really surprised me was her complete vulnerability and quiet passion and yearning to be loved and accepted. For someone who’s spent all her life fighting and creating that tough-as-steel exterior she had a pretty vulnerable tender heart. She was quick to defend and protect Amun even when she thought he was her 'enemy', once she realized her perception of him and his friends could be off she learned to trust him and give him and his friends a chance. I really liked how she didn’t jump to conclusions or was quick to make accusations but got to know Amun for herself and discover the truth.

The plot is much more longer and of course there are side stories going on with the other warriors which let me tell you--was super hilarious and just really fun to read about. If it wasn't for the side stories Gena cleverly weaves throughout her books, I wouldn't be as anxious and curious to read the next book. So of course now I really want to read Strider's book after his little encounter with Kaia. I can't believe I'm saying this but she is really adorable. For a hard ass, doesn't-take-shit-from anybody harpy, she's quite the little charmer. And endearingly sweet. I wasn’t so taken by her when she was introduced in Sabin's story but here I saw a vulnerable side that intrigued me.

And once again I got to see a snippet of William and the adorable Gilly. I had a dopey stupid smile on my face just reading that small scene with them. It’s breaking my heart that they won’t end up together. From the previous book I was convinced they would but knowing Gena, you never know. That small scene between those two tugged at my heart strings once again and had me quietly begging, praying and hoping that Miss Showalter will change her mind and pair those two up. Just put me out of my misery and pair those two up. I know many love William and his rakish ‘I don’t give a shit’ ways and want to see him with a hot little female warrior. I’m one of those who isn’t convinced a hard ass female demon or g-dess will suite him. Please no. The guy is already full of himself or so he plays it, I want someone who is the complete polar opposite of him that will spin his world upside down and not make him so jaded. And I think that someone is Gilly. I generally have never gotten attached to any *possible* pairings a author hints at in a series unless they are given a book but these two I can’t let go of and really REALLY want together. *Sigh* Is sad.

Aside from that scene, another stand out scene that deserves freaking gold stars or something cause it was so damn hilarious was the drunk dial scene with Paris, William and Strider calling Maddox. Oh. Dear. G-d. That was freaking hilarious and had me literally busting out laughing. My poor Maddox was so confused and so serious. :P Loved seeing preggars Ashlyn all ruffled up and taking charge. Too cute for words. When is that woman gonna have her babies? Poor thing is ready to pop. I will say though, I would love to see more snippet scenes of those two cooing and bickering and Maddox being the over-protective husband. Me loves it. <3 I love that couple so freaking much. <br/>
Loved this book can’t wait for more!