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The Darkest Kiss - Gena Showalter

4.5 stars

I'm really loving this series so far. Although I was a little surprised and hesitant with the pairing for Lucien. My first reaction was 'really?'. Anya g-ddess of Anarchy with Lucien, an immortal warrior possessed by the demon of Death. Interesting combo. She was first introduced in the previous book and she seemed fun and quite colorful but I couldn't take her seriously with the way she acted. But she grew on me and I loved the transformation she made in this. I loved how deeply they fell for each other. We got to see a side of both Anya and Lucien we didn't see previously. Lucien in particular. He is the the most self-reserved quiet controlled warrior of the group so to see the gentle playful endearingly sweet and tender side come out was just enthralling. I can't use that word enough when it comes to these warriors. There's just something about them that just sucks you in completely.

I loved Lucien and seeing him struggle to do the right thing and protect those he loves while falling for Anya. I really liked how protective he was of Anya and willing to do anything to make her happy. Plus that deeply insecure vulnerable side of him just pulled at my heart and made me melt. I was glad he found someone like Anya who loved and desired all of his glorious self as he was. They made quite a pair and the last few chapters and conclusion sold me completely on them.

Anya is not your typical heroine. She's got a lot of fire sass and sarcastic wit to go with it. She's not for everyone. I'm not big on female characters who get a kick or rush out of killing and being brutal but here it was understandable. It's part of her curse and who she is. What I liked is that I got to see a really vulnerable surprisingly innocent side of her that I didn't expect. That part warmed me up to her. And I loved how fiercely protective and loyal she became of Lucien.

And the side stories and set ups for the other warriors is making me even more impatient to read the next books. Paris just broke my heart and I'm praying and hoping Showalter doesn't pair him up with who I think she will. Please NO. The women he encountered in this book I did not like. I just got a niggling feeling that that is where it's going. The set up and cues were all there. Ugh. I really hope not. Paris deserves better then that. Speaking of which Reyes makes me want to pull my hair out and give him a hug at the same time. I love that guy so much I still wish he was paired with someone else. I'm really not looking forward to his book. I'm dreading it to be honest. I really want to read his story but I'm not a fan of Danika. I'm going to have to find the energy to plow through that book without wanting to scream and pull my hair out like a psycho. I HATE who the author has paired him with. I'm hoping my opinion changes once I read the book.

Anyways I hope to see more sneak peaks of Lucien and Anya in the other books to see where they are. It was also great seeing Ashlyn and Maddox in this so adorable seeing them all lovey dovey. lol

The only negative for me is I wished the ending wasn't so abrupt. That's a pet peeve of mine, I just find endings really rushed and falling short when something climactic happens then the dramatic conclusion is wrapped up in a few pages. Here it was done literally in the last two pages. Come on!! I can't say more without giving it away but given what happens to Anya at the end and what she does to for Lucien, how he ends up reversing the wrong was really abrupt and just unrealistic. It was a little 'huh? that's it?' moment for me. 4.5 stars for me.