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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward
Okay seriously this book needs to be given more credit for what it is IMO. Hot damn this was good. I love books that surprise me like this. Thank you WARDen I knew you had it in you to write a book with a plot that had me hooked and look! no Lesser crap to bore me to tears. Yay! See it is possible to do this series without all that filler nonsense about undead Vampire hunters that I could careless about.

What can I say about Vishous that hasn't already been said? To be honest he wasn't a fav of mine from the start but he definitely caught my attention since Butch's book. He's quite a scene stealer. The man is sex on a stick. He's a very complicated yummy package that grabs you. He's a very aggressive, sensual VERY sexual alpha male with a whole lot of tormented soul to go with it. I honestly wasn't sure and a little scared going into this given I already knew the overall outcome of this book (by accident *grumbles*). Plus I wasn't sure if I would like his pairing. Boy was I wrong.

I wasn't a fan of Butch's pairing and seeing how close Butch and V became and the significant moments they shared together I was on the Butch/V team all the way. But after this, I jumped sides. lol Sorry Vutch fans but Team Vane all the way!!! :P----> See what I did there? A squish name for the actual pairing of this book! :D lol Before reading this, I was hoping for some M/M action between the two buddies given how drawn they were to each other but Ward made me change my mind completely after reading this. It was either hoping and praying for something that definitely was NOT going to happen in this or just enjoy the ride and hope V got a mate that was deserving. And Jane was that and so much more. Which makes me happy cause there was only so much of the tormented longing V who lusts after his BFF I could take. I know this book has gotten a lot of backlash over the pairing and ending but I honestly feel V found his soulmate in Jane. I love Jane. I have to say what surprised me above all else about this book was Jane. She had me from beginning to end. She is awesome with her self-deprecating sense of humor, incredibly sharp wit, courage and strength and major smarts. She was kickass. I loved seeing how much she had in common with V. He seemed to adore and love her intelligent mind and be proud of it and vice versa with her. Once she started to fall for him she loved and accepted him completely and so openly. I adored her for it. She cheered him on, supported him and wanted to fight the villains for him. For someone who's very independent and likes to do things for herself and take control, she had an incredibly big tender heart and was willing to do anything to be with V and have a future with him. I really liked how she carried herself and she made no bones about what she wanted and was honest from the start. Every time that male purred how sexy her mind was it made my toes curl. Just...gah.

I loved seeing how she opened up to him and got him to open up about his incredibly tragic past. One of the issues I had in some of the previous books were the couples not getting enough one-on-one time together, getting to know each other, here Ward payed attention to it which was a very pleasant surprise. Another thing that surprised me was how open-minded and understanding Jane was with V. And I'm starting to think it's why I like the vampire/human pairings more considering they come from different worlds er cultures but find a common ground and IMO the human characters seem to be more forgiving and less judgmental which is incredibly ironic (minus Bella of course, I adore her). I was honestly expecting to get a stiff emotionless brittle heroine but I'm so happy to be proved wrong. I hate admitting this because I tend to veer away from spoilers/reviews but I had this preconceived idea of Jane based on the comments I kept reading about her. And I honestly was even more surprised with what I got. I really think Jane is a underlooked heroine who gets shortchanged because of the whole V/Butch thing or the ending of this book or both, which makes me sad. Yeah technically speaking V did get screwed but not cause of a shit pairing or story IMO.

Minus the ending, the plot in this was so much more fluid and interesting and fast paced compared to the previous 3 books (even though I loved Z and Rhage's book). There are side stories that run through this as well but they are important and focus on the other brothers which I actually cared about. I literally could not put this book down. Between angsty tension and yummy fun with Jane & V, the continuing story with Phury dealing with his feelings for Bella (which surprised me that Ward decided to continue on with it) and John Matthew dealing with pretrans life. Phury's situation broke my heart. I'm not a big fan of triangles but this one was one I almost wish was dragged out longer. Which really says something since I LOVE Zsadist and think Bella is perfect for him. But 2 yummy brooding brothers in love with the same woman? Yes please. Very angsty and I can truly see Phury struggling to deal with it and move on. I'm just a little hesitant (once again) and not sure what to make of his pairing w/ Cormia. I'm getting a deja vu Marissa feeling all over again.

Anyways, V & Jane ripped my heart out, stole my breath and made me cry. I could not NOT give this a 5 star given the number of times I got that steal-my-breath-sucker-punch sensation while reading this. Seriously, there were a handful of scenes, moments, dialogue that just sucker punched me and made me want to read parts over and over again. If that doesn't qualify as a good book then I don't know what does. And lets not forget the sex scenes. Oh. Good. G-d. Yeah those definitely left my brain in total 'whaa?' mush. I was certainly wishing I was in Jane shoes with the way V worked her over. *fans self* Good gravy that man er male really knows how to turn a woman inside out. *fans self some more* Of course there is S&M in this, I'm not a big fan of it or I should say I haven't really read books dealing with that topic but it worked marvelously in here. Like I said before V is a very aggressive, sexual, dominating male who likes control. And there are reasons for that. But I will say this, I do think the ending was disappointing and NOT worthy of this pairing OR the characters. V deserved better, Jane deserved better, they both deserved better IMO. I hated to see them 'adjust' to the new circumstances while I kept trying to wrap my brain around how they could possibly live out a happy semi 'normal' life together. It made me want to cry and kept hoping there was more to it even though I knew there wasn't. Yeah it's paranormal, yeah it's fiction but honestly? The number Ward did on Jane I think was taken a bit too far. It just went into loosey goosey Soap Opera this-can't-be-real territory. As much as I was thrilled that they got their 'HEA' it wasn't the way I was hoping. In many ways it came out bittersweet and heartbreaking. Plus it was too unrealistic and a total buzz kill. I will say this, it was good storytelling, it was definitely raw I give her points and kudos for once again doing something ballsy like this. She definitely didn't take the easy way out. I give her credit for taking the 'let it be' path but damn did it still suck as the final outcome.

Anyways, the overall story and pairing I loved so much. For V & Jane I give this a five stars all the way!