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Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis This was okay. Good writing and funny characters. The story? Eeeeh. Just wasn't blown away by the overall story arc. Really predictable and just okay. I just wish it was more interesting. It was kind of dull and underwhelming and a very typical CR set up for me. There was nothing new or original about the story or the main pairing, Jax and Maddie. I liked the 3 sisters back and forth bantering and the guys in this are yummy but I struggled to really *get into it* fully. I wasn't completely 100% sold on the chemistry between Maddie and Jax. I felt the romance was a bit rushed really predictable. Given the fact that the guy meets the girl and starts hitting on her right off the bat and kissing her the very first night they meet....meh. Way too fast for me. It's nothing new for a CR book but still I wasn't feeling it or buying it in this case. I wanted the guy to work for her 'goods' so to speak. It was too perfect and too easy for me. Their wasn't much of any conflict between them.

And Jax was cute and yes he had a sordid 'dark' past (which I felt was completely overblown) but he just came off too perfect for me at times. There was nothing about him that stood out and grabbed me. I liked Jax just wasn't drooling over him and gaga like Maddie in this was. It was described endlessly--like every other line--how GORGEOUS he is, sexy and hot and just everything. It's mentioned by Maddie, her sisters and every other person in the freaking town. I get it, he's smoking hot. I think Shalvis went a little bit overboard by reemphasizing how drop-dead-sexy Jax is, it just became very redundant and eye-roll inducing at some point. He's a carpenter, town mayor, bartender, owns side businesses, builds furniture in his spare time and is pretty much perfect. Overkill much Shalvis? lol And I also thought it was funny and a bit odd how the author kept describing him as a self-proclaimed 'alpha' guy. I didn't see him as a alpha male given how he interacted with Maddie and his calm easy disposition and playful personality, he came off more Beta than alpha. Not that there's anything wrong with a beta male, I just didn't see the labeling as accurate is all.

I also felt that there wasn't any real drama. The only real tension and plot point used as angst and conflict for the couple was Jax's 'secretive' past and him being the holder of the trust of the inn the girls inherited from their mother. I didn't really care much for that plot point, it was lame and very anticlimactic for me. And Maddie's reaction to finding out was a little extreme and overblown too. There just was no excitement in the book everything just played out so predictably and super fast with Jax popping up left and right (so conveniently) to give Maddie some more dirty jokes, naughty winks and the best orgasms ever. Come on. I love sexy time but here it didn't hold my interest as much I wanted it to. I thought the writing was great though and the quips between characters and comedic timing was hilarious I just wish I felt more jouj for the hunky carpenter/handyman/town mayor and Maddie. I just felt something was missing.

Given the number of high ratings this received and all the positive buzz I kept seeing around this book I decided to give it a shot even though I wasn't really impressed by the blurb. The thing that I did like was the banter and one-liners! (and Jax has plenty of them). I want to read Tara's book and Chloe's (maybe). While I'm pretty sure the 'secrete' history between Tara and Ford was revealed in this much to my disappointment (talk about spoiling the suspense *grumbles*) I want to see how they play off each other. I was really intrigued by the tension and stiffling looks those two kept giving each other. I'm hoping there is more to the story between those two, it was pretty much given away here.

And I freaking love Jax's dog Izzy. She was the the stand out star from this story for me. lol She got the roaring LOL (literally) moments from me in this book. Haha! Her and Jax were adorable together I couldn't get enough of that dog and her farting escapades. Bwaha!