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The Stranger I Married - Sylvia Day I went into this with high hopes simply because of the premise and reviews. I was surprised at what I got. Certain characters where somewhat more enjoyable than others. Lady Isabel Pelham and Lord Gerard Grayson were a perfect match for each other...but not for the reasons I was hoping for. lol They both agreed to a marriage of convenience that after four years turns into something more. The plot and set up were there and had a good start but I found it lacking in some areas. It just was missing something for me. I found myself loving some parts then getting bored in other parts where I was almost tempted to skim through the pages. For starters the heroine's complete nonplussed reaction to the things her husband would or wouldn't do, her lack of emotion to anything and refusing to believe he loves her and sometimes patronizing attitude towards him (because of the age difference that is brought up in every other conversation... good grief) just grated my nerves. Yes technically they start out as just friends but seriously when this gets dragged out through more than half of the book it looses steam. If it wasn't for all that ridiculousness I maybe would have enjoyed these two more. Maybe. I guess a big part of it is because of their arrangement and how they interacted through most of the book I had a hard time buying these two being anything more than good screw-buddies. Lust? Yes. Love...no.

Aside from that, the thing I enjoyed the most I have to say was the side-story of Isabel's brother Rhys finding love unexpectedly with the quiet wallflower Abby Hammond. I found their budding romance more charming and endearing then I did Isabel and Gray's story. It was a nice break. Only thing I have to say that weirded me out was the description of Abby's nipples as being 'long'. Her long stretchy nipples...Really?? -__- I point this out because it's emphasized repeatedly with Rhys constantly tugging and pulling on them, spouting flowery prose over them like they are the sexiest thing ever. Uh..no. *shudders* Wish Day found a better adjective because the visual in my head was not at all pretty nor sexy. Ick. Anyways, these two saved the story for me. If it wasn't for this nice interlude I probably would have given this a lower rating. I wanted more of Rhys and Abby then I did Isabel and Grayson. I could have cared less about the hero and heroine

But overall my biggest problem and what gave me pause was the author's style of writing, the language was way too modern for a historical setting. It confused the shit out of me. I understand this was more of a erotica book but given it's setting in 1815 England, words like ass and fuck (which yes I know the word fuck existed back then) used continuously through the book seemed really weird and for me really unrealistic. And I'm sorry but the last time I checked the English peerage in those days never used the word 'ass'. Uh hello?? Please authors do research or pay attention to the dialogue you use and make sure it correlates to the freaking time setting of your story! I don't know if the author chose to gloss over that intentionally or what but it was a glaringly obvious error that kept popping up everywhere given the number of times it was used. It just went into the unrealistic, inaccurate area for me. I mean never mind the steamy sex scenes, that's a given but to casually use the phrase 'fuck' in conversations in mixed company (and with your family members no less) was a little weird for me. I lost count how many times I read the phrase 'fine ass' when Isabel was checking out her hubby's butt. It just felt out of place and inaccurate given the time setting.

And sometimes it went into the cheesy area for me in the descriptive words used (yes I know it's a HR but still). I'm all for smut and steamy love scenes--yes please! lol-- but in this it just got to be kind of redundant. I felt the same conversations were brought up and I had a hard time buying them falling in love but more of being completely horny for each other. It was a good read but didn't blow me away.