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A Duke of Her Own - Eloisa James Didn't think I would but I ended up loving this! One of the best from the series in my opinion. When I started it I didn't think I would like it I felt it was a bit slow paced and boring but when things picked up it got really interesting. And the most shocking is EJ made me actually love Leo hard to do considering his past history and indifferent careless attitude and the way he treated women. I applaud her for doing it cause it's not easy, but Leo won me over in this. This was another book I read out of order from the series and I'm glad I did or else I probably wouldn't have read it given Leo's image and representation in the first DD book. I did not like him in that book. But Eloisa made me change my mind and I think Eleanor was a perfect match for him. Her sense of humor and free spirit was really natural and very likable. There were some small things that drove me nuts like the character Lisette and everyone's constant coddling and on-guard approach around her. I just felt that dragged on forever until Leo finally was shown the real side of her. For a man to be completely oblivious to someone like that was annoying at times. For someone so smart and sharp who can usually read others very easily his quick adoration and mooning over Lisette was hard to swallow. But other than that great book. Fun read.