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The Wife Trap: A Novel - Tracy Anne Warren 3.5-4 stars

Loved the first one in this series, such an amazing read but the second as I expected, wasn't that much of a fan of. The story was interesting and fun but the heroine was what I had problems with. MAJOR problems with. This honestly would have been 4-5 read if it weren't for Jeannette. She kept ruining it for me.

And I tried, lord help me I tried really hard to like or even sympathize with Jeanette but goodness she really tested my patience several times to the point that I felt really sorry for Darragh. I felt he was way too good for her with the antics she continuously pulled off. The tantrums you would expect from a four-year-old are probably more endearing then seeing a grown woman stomp her feet, pout and shriek at the top of her lungs when she's angry or doesn't get her way. And no, I'm not exaggerating in the least. Shrieking tantrums are not endearing to me or cute. I think Darragh was very brave, amazing, and near-crazy to think that was charming of her.

I prepared myself for this and was honestly curious to see how the author would handle writing the heroine in this who was pretty much unlikable in the previous book. She was self-centered, snobbish, ridiculously spoiled, immature, petulant and mean. So typically when you have a heroine who's not very favorable in the beginning of the story you expect to see them change and sometimes grow to like/love them. For me that wasn't the case with this story and was my biggest problem. I had a hard time actually buying that Jeannette changed or grew up or even learned her lesson after everything that happened. I guess I would have bought it more if Warren wrote the ending differently. She needed to suck up her pride and go after her hubby. Yes she seemed to be brought down a peg or two, but that spoiled, petulant haughty personality never seemed to go away. For me the ending felt more of a 'okay I'll promise to behave for now as long you forgive me!' something a kid would do after being caught and scolded but will continue to do what she wants later on. Not satisfying or sincere in the least for me. I just didn't buy that she changed and was a better person for it. There were definitely some 'aha! hallelujah! moments were she seemed to realize things and grow up and be humbled but again her vengeful combative nature kept flaring up. Here I felt the hero was wronged and poorly treated and the heroine had to swallow her ego-inflated pride and go after HIM. If the ending had been different I probably would have liked it and been happy with it but eh. It's a shame cause the set up was there and the hero, Darragh was just delicious and so much fun. They were cute together and I did enjoy the overall plot, it's just the heroine that made it difficult for me to fully enjoy this book. Darragh was a total sweetheart with all that witty rakish charming personality I did love how he gave her a run for her money in the schemes she tried to pull off.

Overall story: 4 stars
Pairing: 3 stars