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My Immortal (Seven Deadly Sins, Book 1) - Erin McCarthy This was one of the very first paranormal books I read so I wasn't expecting much. The short excerpt on the back is what grabbed me but unfortunately the story itself didn't grab me. It wasn't what I was expecting at all to be honest. I just found the story weird. I appreciated the fact that the heroine in this isn't your typical cliche female character. She was more realistic, just your normal average woman who isn't stick skinny but the whole plot and what actually goes down at the plantation was weird and really bizarre, it didn't fit well. Instead of reading about an actual story I felt I was reading short stories about a house party filled with orgies. And that wasn't even interesting in itself just once again...weird. Which is why I really couldn't buy or think of it as a 'romantic' story when the couple first met and he started to seduce her. Just the whole set up and how he goes about seducing her made my skin crawl. There were too many flashbacks and the main characters did not grab me at all. It made me uncomfortable and cringe instead of actually enjoying it.