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Beauty Awakened - Gena Showalter 4.5 stars

Koldo!!!! <3 </b>
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This was way better than I thought it would be. What a beautiful triumphant story! I could not put this down for the life of me. Koldo stole my heart and quite easily I must say. <3 Very complex tormented character who had a difficult life as a child. Because of his abusive childhood he always thought he was undeserving of anything good or kind but always ached to want those who were supposed to love him to love him in return. <br/>
When you have this for a mother....

...and a demonic cruel psychopath for a father you are bound to be pretty screwed up.

But remarkably Koldo triumphed and showed just how wonderful and compassionate he can be. He's never known compassion, kindness or love and has always secretly yearned to gain them. He broke my heart. :( I wanted to snuggle up to him and go 'woo woo woo'. A lot of his strife and struggles and inner demons reminded me of Zsadist from J.R. Ward's BDB series. Koldo could be easily described by outer appearance as a terrifying Warrior from the Fallen Ones Army, he's cold, gruff, has no wings, but a beaded beard and just recently lost all his hair for a sacrifice. And he has a huge red tattoo on his back of the wings he once had. He barely utters more than a few words. That was my first impression of him in Zacharel's book but in here we get to really see who he is and what drives him. He's not as terrifying and brutal but a big loveable tender sweetheart who just wants to be accepted and loved. And oh yeah...he sings!!! :D *melts* TAKE ME LOVA!!!!

I thought Nicola was adorable and the perfect contrast and fit for Koldo. She's just what he needed in a partner and lifemate. He's only ever known rejection and cruelty and Nicola brought so much kindness, tenderness and happiness in his life. I was happy for them and thrilled they got their HEA. I connected very much with both characters and thought they were adorable as a couple. Koldo getting to experience for the first time how to love and court a woman and try to make her happy was endearing and adorable. His open playfulness and sweet words had me melting right along with Nicola.

While I loved every part of the romance in this I will say I noticed the subtle change in Gena's writing style, the love scenes in particular. Less descriptive and just flowery generalizations and analogies were used which is quite the contrast to her earlier PR works like the LOTU series. Before she never shied away from graphic steamy love scenes but in this series you can see the shift. Much more tame, spiritual and rushed over or sometimes even skipping over descriptive details and actions. "They wed in body" while beautiful isn't as successful when used in a full length love scene. It works in some cases and in others falls a *little* short. I'm still trying to figure out how both Nicola and Koldo managed to get off during their first intimate moment where no penetration or touching was alluded to. I was left feeling a little bereft by that. Both characters were surprised by it just as I was cause I had no idea how that happened either. Don't leave me in the dark Gena and tell me how that happened! Overall, I can't say I minded because the story and romance was successfully handled but other times I do wish she would have been more free with her words because some of the intimate scenes would have been more powerful and enthralling.

Great addition to the Angel series! Looking forward to more. :)