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The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Yeah couldn't even finish this. I just really wasn't feeling the story. I tried really hard to give it a shot but it wasn't working. I just found myself uninterested and kept forcing myself to keep reading. Didn't care much for the hero or heroine in this. I know this is part of a series and I guess it was my mistake to start this one as a stand alone. There were terms and overall history I wasn't familiar with, I really wish the author put in a glossary of some sort. The whole Fae 'culture' and language I wasn't familiar with at all and all the references to the Celtic leaders or old prophecies(??) or what not were confusing to follow. The names dropped left and right was hard to follow. I seriously felt like I needed a translator. I've never read books dealing with Fae/fairies of any kind so this was a first for me. It was an...interesting approach. I just couldn't wrap my head around how a 6 foot muscle-bound blacksmith-looking tanned ancient Prince with an Irish accent was part of the fairy race. Big HUH? for me. And excuse my ignorance but if their race originated in Ireland why the hell is the book referring to the Highlands?? That confused me to no end. Again, I'm unfamiliar with this series and the backstory so that could be it plus I didn't even reach the middle of this. I know the author was doing something different, put her own twist to it but I just had problems wrapping my head around the visual and overall history to the race in this book. For what it was as a stand alone book, I just felt the overall story and characters and writing style were lacking. I was getting nothing from any of it. Bummer.

Also Gabby's refusal to acknowledge Adam as a person and kept referring to him as 'it' started to get on my nerves. The constant 'it it it' references that kept popping up in every other sentence was really annoying. He's a person, not a thing. >_<